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Abnormal psychfree3 October 2018

The options are a chance for the students to apply their understanding of concepts from the core of the course. SL candidates must study one option; HL candidates must study two. Each option has three... more

Evaluating experiments3 October 2018

Psychologists often use experiments because they are a way to establish a cause and effect relationship. This is done by manipulating an independent variable and measuring the effect on a dependent variable... more

Biases in thinking and decision making1 October 2018

Although System 1 thinking is an efficient way to process the information we receive from the world around us (meaning that it is fast and uses minimal effort) it is also prone to errors because it depends... more

ALP 2.1 Biological etiology of MDDfree1 October 2018

The following lesson looks at biological theories with regard to Major Depressive Disorder. The lesson starts by finding out what students already know and surfacing any misconceptions about the disorder.... more

Methodology: biological approach1 October 2018

Over the past thirty years, few areas of psychology have developed quite so rapidly as brain research. As technology has progressed, so has our ability to monitor and map out the brain’s activity. The... more

ERQ marking: Cognitive developmentfree29 September 2018

Below you will find three sample essays for the question: Evaluate one theory of cognitive development.For each of the samples, refer to the rubric to award marks. After each sample, there is a predicted... more

Writing samples: Cognitivefree26 September 2018

The following section includes annotated samples of responses to exam questions - as well as strategies for answering questions based on the command terms. The responses are not from the IB. They are... more

IA menufree26 September 2018

One of the ways to make it easier for students to choose their IA experiment for replication is to give them a limited menu of choices. By giving them a menu of options, it guarantees that you are familiar... more

ALP 1.5 Ethics in diagnosis24 September 2018

The following lesson plan looks at ethical considerations in "factors that influence diagnosis." There are two potential questions that may be asked. One focuses on ethics in research. The other focuses... more

LP 9: Introducing qualitative24 September 2018

To finalize my introductory unit, we dig deeper into how psychologists research human behaviour by introducing the vocabulary of qualitative research. In doing so, I am hoping to lay a groundwork for... more