Talking about research

In addition to having students understand the particulars of experimental (quantitative) vs non-experimental (qualitative) research, it is important that students are able to discuss general issues of research, regardless of the nature of data collection.

These issues include:

  • What are the strengths and limitations of an individual study?

  • What the ethical considerations that psychologists must make when designing and carrying out research?

  • How can research be applied to improve the world we live in?

  • How does research change the way that we think about ourselves?

This section of the site contains various activities in which students look at non-methodological questions about research.  In addition to the above questions, some of the activities have the goal of developing literacy skills in our students - that is, how to read for understanding.

Several of the activities in this section we do in our introductory unit on research; however, many of them could be used at any point in the course in order to introduce, revise, or extend understanding of research.

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