New curriculum resources

This section of the Inthinking website is devoted to materials that support the new curriculum - that is, the curriculum that will first be assessed in May 2019.

Many of the materials that are here were also relevant in the former curriculum. In addition, over the life of the new curriculum, you will continue to see more teaching ideas, revision work and sample marking in order to enrich and develop your own program.

If as you work through the site you think of something that is missing that you would like to see added, please always feel free to email me at - and I will try to get something on the site as soon as possible.

Selected Pages


Abnormal psych 3 October 2018

The options are a chance for the students to apply their understanding of concepts from the core of the course. SL candidates...


Biological approach 3 August 2018

The biological approach is one of the units in the core. Personally, I teach of the core units as a stand-alone unit, but...


Practicing Paper 3 13 January 2018

The following set of practice papers are not official IB papers. As of the creation of this page, there is only one specimen...


Internal Assessment 13 January 2018

HL and SL candidates both have the same internal assessment requirements. They must carry out a replication of a published...


Human relationships 13 January 2018

The options are a chance for the students to apply their understanding of concepts from the core of the course. SL candidates...


Health psychology 13 January 2018

The options are a chance for the students to apply their understanding of concepts from the core of the course. SL candidates...

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Comments 12

Sandra Mitchell 9 August 2018 - 21:00

John I am having trouble using the site for the first time. I was trying to print the planning pages to take notes on and it continuously prints blank pages. I then tried to copy and paste the page in a word processor to change and it wont let me even copy. Please help me with this.

John Crane 10 August 2018 - 06:08

Dear Sandra

It all depends on which pages you are trying to print. For most pages, you can press the print icon on the right-hand side of the page to print. You cannot, however, print the textbook. You can also not download most of the powerpoint presentations, unless they are designed for you to redesign for your own students. The reason for this is that we were findings sections of the textbook already posted online by other teachers. The only option is that you "screenshot" the page and print in order to take notes on it.

Sandra Mitchell 10 August 2018 - 15:06

John, It is any page on the website. I am pressing the print icon on the side on multiple different computers, pages, and internet browsers, they all come out completely blank. I thought maybe it was a computer error but it is the same at home on my personal computer as it is on my work.

John Crane 10 August 2018 - 21:27

Dear Sandra

I am not sure what the problem is. I tried with my own subscription and had no problems printing. Are you saving as PDFs first and then printing? That is what I was doing. If that doesn't work, then you should contact the tech people.

Richard Knuckey 13 August 2018 - 00:04

Hi John
Just to clarify; we can no longer highlight and copy any text from the site for the reasons you give above? I only noticed this last week and am just wondering it if is my computer or not.

John Crane 13 August 2018 - 05:49

Dear Richard,

I was just at a training this weekend for the websites for Inthinking and they told us about this change. It has only been true, apparently, for the past two weeks.

Sandra Mitchell 14 August 2018 - 17:26

John I can't save it as a PDF and print either. I truly have tried everything. Nothing is working. I had no problem with the site previously.

Sandra Mitchell 14 August 2018 - 17:31

This is now my third time emailing technical support with no response.

John Crane 15 August 2018 - 05:35

Dear Sandra

If you are choosing the icon on the right, you should be able to print the page. You are not able to print the textbook pages - they are only accessible by giving students access to the site (see student access above.). This is because pages have already appeared on teachers' websites as PDF files. If you are not able to see the print icon, then let me know. When you choose the print icon, choose PDF. If you do that, it should print. The site works - I just did it to check - so the glitch must be somewhere else. If you try it again and it doesn't work, send me a detailed email of what happens and I will chase it up with the tech people myself.

Ian Latham 26 September 2018 - 17:01

I've noticed that the new pages are fully accessible - thanks! But in the past there have been sections (especially critical thinking) which were images (of bullet point text). I'm writing to check that the idea is to make all pages fully accessible, given that this year we have a student who will be accessing thinkib using a text reader.

John Crane 27 September 2018 - 05:11

Dear Ian

All pages should be fully accessible except for the teacher lesson plans. When the plans have a presentation, the presentation will be replicated in the revision pages for students so that they can have access after the lesson.

Ian Latham 27 September 2018 - 07:22

Perfect! Thanks.