Unit planning: Relationships

This section of the site has two purposes.  First, it is here that you will find curriculum related material - particularly, the unit planners and advice on how to address the ATL planners on Managebac if your school is using that program.

For the different components of the curriculum you will find lesson plans, with links to activities on the site that you may find helpful for students to develop understanding of key concepts as well as critical thinking skills.

The options are divided into three topics.  According to the curriculum guide, in each session (May and November) exams will ask one question from each topic of the option.  It is up to you whether you teach one, two or all three topics.

Topic 1.  Personal relationships

Unit plan: Personal relationships

Below you will find a unit planner for the "personal relationships" module of the psychology of human relationships option.If you are following the core lesson plans, you will see that the biological...

Topic 2. Social responsibility

Unit plan: Social responsibility

Below you will find a unit planner for the "social responsibility" module of the psychology of human relationships option.Content includes bystanderism, prosocial behaviour and the promotion of prosocial...

Topic 3. Group dynamics

Unit plan: Group dynamics

Below you will find a unit planner for the "group dynamics" module of the psychology of human relationships option.Content in this module includes cooperation and competition, prejudice and discrimination,...

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Richa Chauhan 29 May 2018 - 05:59

I was planning my classes for the next academic year but I am unable to access any resource in this unit.

John Crane 30 May 2018 - 04:55

Dear Richa

There are no unit plans for this unit yet. I have focused in this first year on developing the core. I hope to have unit plans up for the options during the summer. Then the materials will follow.

Richa Chauhan 6 June 2018 - 07:23

Dear John,

Thank you very much. Inthinking has been a great resource and very helpful, especially with the new syllabus.

John Crane 7 June 2018 - 04:31

Thank you, Richa. A nice way to start my morning.