Unit planning: Research methods

This section of the site has two purposes.  First, it is here that you will find curriculum related material - particularly, the unit planners and advice on how to address the ATL planners on Managebac if your school is using that program.

Secondly, this section replaces "teacher notes."  For the different components of the curriculum, you will find lesson plans, with links to activities on the site that you may find helpful for students to develop an understanding of key concepts as well as critical thinking skills.

LP 1: Intro to psychology

One of the most difficult lessons to plan each year is that opening lesson. How not to bore students with a lecture about the origins of psychology?I like the start the course off with the idea that psychology...

LP 2: What is a theory?

The following lesson plan has the goal of helping students to understand two key concepts in psychology. First, empirical research. We will look at a homework reading by Carol Dweck and discuss the...

LP 3: Introducing experiments

The goal of this lesson is to lay the foundations of the experimental method and begin to identify some key vocabulary.This vocabulary includes the concepts of independent, dependent and control variables....

LP 4: Sampling techniques

The following lesson focuses on sampling techniques. It begins with a bit of review from the previous lesson and then develops vocabulary. The lesson reflects the textbook chapter Fundamentals of research.

LP 5: Experimental designs

The goal of this lesson is to outline the different types of research designs and to have students think about their strengths and limitations.Then I have students try their very first experimental design...

LP 6: Limitations of experiments

The following lesson plan is based on the notes in the critical thinking chapter: Evaluating experiments. I assign the reading after the lesson, but the reading could also be used in class as a reference...

LP 7: Ethics in psychology

The following lesson is a basic introduction to ethics. As with most of the lessons in this unit, the focus is on building vocabulary.There is an exercise below which allows students to practice using...

LP 8: Data analysis

This lesson is an introduction to data analysis. If your school is like most, students should have been exposed to descriptive statistics prior to the IB. Inferential statistics, however, is a different...

LP 9: Introducing qualitative

To finalize my introductory unit, we dig deeper into how psychologists research human behaviour by introducing the vocabulary of qualitative research. In doing so, I am hoping to lay a groundwork for...

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Comments 3

Sofie Grønning 30 August 2018 - 08:55

Dear John Crane,
Thank you very much for all the resources on this platform! The materials are very good and it’s a big help for me in teaching the new curriculum to my SL class.
I’m wondering if you can share an overview of which chapters/paragraphs in the new curriculum textbook you connect to the specific lessons. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what chapters I should tell my students to read before each lesson to get the optimal combination of activities and text, and to be sure not to leave out anything important. Thank you in advance.
Kind regards, Sofie Grønning

John Crane 31 August 2018 - 05:37

Dear Sofie,

Except for this first set of lessons, all lessons reflect the textbook. So, when you see the lesson plan for "peers and play" under development, there is a corresponding page. This set of lessons skips around a bit - but you will that there are assignments on the pages. I will try to make this clearer for this first unit.

Sofie Grønning 1 September 2018 - 18:42

Dear John,
Thank you for the answer. I'm looking forward to get to the lesson plans that corresponds more directly to the e-book and to be more familiar with this webpage and the new curriculum in whole. Have a nice weekend.