I oppose!

The following "game" is a critical thinking game that you can play at any point in the year.  I usually do this with current events articles - that is, psychology news that comes up on the BBC or CNN.  The video below, posted on Facebook by Sonisha Kripalani, is a great example of a film clip that is rich for critical thinking. 

The following activity takes 45 - 50 minutes of class time.  The first step could also be done as homework, with students bringing their claims into class in order to minimize the amount of class time that it is needed.

If your students are in the routine of critical thinking - it is also a great emergency sub plan!

Setting up the task

To begin, give each student a half-sheet of blank paper. 

Tell them that they are going to watch a 15-minute presentation on millennials.  They are going to write on one side of the paper any claims that they “oppose” - that is, which they either totally disagree with or feel may not be valid claims.

If you want to be more formal, you may want to hand out the following grid.

Claims grid

As they listen to the presentation, they should write down claims that they agree with, ones that they question and ones that they feel are wrong.

When students are ready, show them the following video clip:

The activity

When the video finishes, ask them to choose one of their claims and then write it on the other side of their paper.  They should then get up and seek a partner (or two) that has the same claim that they oppose and form a “team.”

Then give them 15 minutes as a team to find evidence to either support or refute the claims made by the speaker.  Finish by having them join another group and share their findings.  End by sharing out any big findings.  

You may want to take the grid and redo it at the end of the activity. How did their position change on certain claims after hearing the discussions based on further research?

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