Revision and review

Once the curriculum is "finished," the next step is to help students get ready for the exams.  The first thing you should know, especially if this is your first time teaching a course that is assessed after two years, is that at first students will appear to know very little.  This will be rather discouraging - but don't lose heart! 

There are several revision/review strategies that can help students to do well on the exam.  The key is that revision needs to be done by students with students. The teacher should not be the centre of the revision process.  It is important that they take control of their own exam preparation, and that we simply act as guides.

It is also highly recommended that you do not teach right up until the bitter end, giving the students only a few days to prepare for the exams.  Most schools have an agreed upon final date for introducing new curriculum or giving assessments. In our school, that date is April 1.  This gives the students one full month to revise.  Remember, they are revising for six courses, so this will take them a lot of time and energy.

The materials in this section are meant to help students prepare for their exams through activities that help them make appropriate links between the content that you have taught and the learning objectives.

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