Writing the IA

The material in this section of the site includes guides for writing the various sections of the internal assessment report, including the assessment requirements, how to carry out statistical analysis and samples of documentation that is required in the appendices. 

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Comments 2

Tripti Rathore 7 August 2018 - 08:58

Dear John,
How are the students going to justify the materials required and do they need to address both Mean and SD in their graphs. What can be the worthy of investigation for EWT. Do they have separate word count for each section. Also do they need to justify descriptive statistics.

John Crane 8 August 2018 - 06:42

Dear Tripti

The justification of the materials means that they have to explain how they chose their materials and why they made the decision they did. This may include why they chose a specific use of words, how they developed or chose images/video or the design of the questionnaire that the participants will fill in. Obviously, some experiments will have more to say than others. They should not include SD in their graphs. They may, if you wish, include error bars. The student needs to decide why the study is worthy of study - in other words, why is this important to investigate? They do not need a separate word count for each section. And no, they do not need to justify their statistics.