Research methods

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Where are students assessed on research methods?

The concept of how psychologists do their research is an essential part of all facets of the IB Psychology curriculum. Here is an outline of where the questions about research may be asked:

Paper 1: Students may be asked to discuss how and why a research method is used at a particular level of analysis.

Papers 1 and 2: Students may evaluate the methodology employed in research in order to evaluate studies with regard to the essay prompt.

Paper 3: This paper is HL only. It is focused solely on qualitative research.

Internal Assessment: Students are required to carry out an experimental study.

This part of the site is dedicated to helping teach about research methodology - both experimental and non-experimental. In addition to teaching support for some of the theory required for Paper 3, you will find activities for skill development, sample work of student projects, and my own attempts at Paper 3 samples - together with student responses and my own comments to students.

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