Student Access: Help

What is student access?

Student Access has three main functions: (1) It allows students to directly access some - but not all - pages; (2) It enables you to create assignments for students; (3) It allows you and your students to monitor their progress.

You can see the pages available to students by opening the student sitemap. Once you have set up a group, your students will be able to access these pages at

Creating student groups

The first time you go to student access, you need to create a student group. The setup wizard asks you to name the group and select pages – pre-selected by the site author – which you would like your students to see. To add students, you must share the URL which appears with them so that they can create their own accounts.

The home page

Once you have set up a group, your student access home page will look as follows. As you can see, you can access information by groups, students, or assignments. As a default, we recommend that you use the groups view.

The home page of student access also includes the student sitemap to check the available pages for your students and a newsfeed that shows real time information about your students assignments and changes in the student sitemap. You can use the newsfeed filters to show only sent, completed assignments, student comments or new pages available for students.

Groups view

When you click the Groups button, you can see all of your groups. You can also perform the following actions: add new group, rename group, delete group.

When you click a particular group, it takes you to the group's page where you can see the list of students and assignments in that group. You can also:

  • Add/Remove pages that can be accessed by your students.
  • Manage students - i.e. add or remove them from the group.
  • Lock group - prevent new students signing up for the group.

Use the Manage students tab to: (1) invite new students to join the group; (2) add students from another group; (3) move students to another group; (4) delete students.

Click on a student’s name to see details about their assignments (active and completed) and activity (pages visted and time spent on them).

Use the edit and delete buttons to edit a student’s details or to delete their account permanently.

Click on the Assignments tab in the Groups view to add an assignment. You can create reading and writing assignments; and, if your subject has qBank, you can create quizzes as well. Each task can be sent to a student group or to individual students.

You can also view the draft, active and completed assignments you have set. When you click on the relevant assignment, you can see the results by question and by student.

Other views

While the Groups view is the default view, you can also choose All students view which shows all of your students irrespective of which group they are in, or All assignments which shows assignments set and results across all of your groups.


Some subject sites include the qBank feature. This is a bank of questions that you can use to create your own quizzes based on a selection of topics, difficulty level and number of questions. Your stored quizzes can then be printed out or sent to your students as an assignment through Student Access.

Go to the qBank section of the Student Access to create a first quizz. Complete the wizard to select topics, levels and number of questions, name and describe your quiz and it will be ready to print or shared with your stuents through the Assignments section.

Student view

Your students can login to the subject site by going to and logging in. They can then see all student-accessible pages, together with their active and completed assignments.